Sustainability: We take responsibility for the environment, benefit our communities and restore the land for generations that follow.

Excellence: We are responsible for our own success. We operate cost-competitive mines by applying continuous upgrade and technology-driven solutions.

Safety:  We commit to safety and health as a way of life.

Integrity: We work in an honest, transparent and ethical manner.

People: We offer an inclusive work environment that engages, recognizes and enhances the skills of employees.

Customer Focus: We provide customers with quality products and excellent service.

Leadership: We have the courage to lead, and do so through inspiration, innovation, collaboration and execution.

Visualised  in 1988, BGR’s journey for nearly 3 decades is marked as one of the best mining companies in India and has been an inspiring myth of pioneering initiatives, best business practices and setting up of new benchmarks for operational efficiency.Today, it has emerged as the most reliable organisation that guarantees high standards of service in executing mission-critical and time bound projects.While a differential beginning marked its arrival into the corporate world, it was in the landmark year of 1990 that BGR stepped into the domain of mining and continued to develop its contribution from time to time.

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