This relatively recent industry is not just processing materials  extracted  elsewhere. It is, in fact, pulling out of granites of a fairly wide range of  colours found within  the state itself. Few associate the state of Rajasthan with a granite industry.

Yet, in an almost  furtive manner, unknown to most of the stone industry people, a significant granite industry has been  developing in the state in recent years. India is well known all over the world for its broad  variety of granites, but the general impression  is they are located in the north, especially the state of Rajasthan, and are usually associated with marble, sandstone and slates.

 Good quality Granite is still imported from European and other Countries as the local/ private production of Granite is not sufficient to meet the demand. The granite rock will be sold as blocks for slabs or in form of Khanda for tiles.These will be sized as per the market requirement. Our Granite Mining Project is situated Near Village Khambi, Tehsil Ahore, District Jalore this area has good quality Granite. The Granite is a highly favored construction stone for flooring, tiling in residential, commercial, utility buildings and religious places.

The production of blocks has started increasing and one can safely assume that the size of  blocks too will keep becoming bigger over time as the automation process speeds up in the quarries.There are around 700 contracts granted for mining of different, though some of them are small sized. Home basic facts- most of the granite quarries are located in a radius of 300 km around Jalore. As is often  the case, in the initial stages the quarrying techniques were unfinished but they are now rapidly becoming  more motored.

Exports currently compose no more  than 10-15% of the total production since most of the production is geared to the local market, with Delhi and the state  of Gujarat being the most important markets.  Other materials being extracted in important quantities are Bala Flower, Lakha Red, Tiger Skin, Crystal Yellow  (extracted in the neighbouring state of Gujarat), French Green and Colonial Blue.For Devgarh Black, demand is high both in India and abroad and there are more than 20 quarries of this material. Another material, Rosy Pink, is extremely popular in Turkey.The most popular materials from the Rajasthan granite industry are Desert Brown, Desert Green (also known as Splendour Green)  and Deogarh Black. 100% of Desert Brown is exported to China; this material has replaced Tropical Brown of Saudi Arabia.

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