• Proper maintenance of machinery
  • Avoid unnecessary running of machinery


  • Retaining walls are developed around all the glum
  • Rain water harvesting
  • No change in climatic nallah (drainage canal) courses
  • Ground water is not run into while mining
  • Pit water (due to rain) is collected and released into a refresh pond


  • Development activities supported in discussion with local panchayats
  • Local people employed where possible
  • Education, health and safety campaigns carried out in nearby villages


  • We have more than 2,00,000 surviving plants and have already outreach our legislated/mandatory quota
  • About 500 saplings of ‘kikar’(Babool) and other local species planted on the three neighbour leases each year
  • Plantation of green belt within the rental area
  • Slope of the dump limited to a maximum of 27°
  • Soil sweeped and moved to develop green cover over dump area

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